September 10, 2021 Regarding our response to the extension of the state of emergency in Gifu Prefecture (added on September 10)

Important notice


We would like to inform you about our response to the extension of the state of emergency in Gifu Prefecture as follows.


We have recently extended the emergency declaration of Gifu Prefecture, where our facility is located, and examined the current environment in-house, but considering that it is an outdoor leisure in the wilderness, we will continue to thoroughly implement the following measures and operate. I will continue.

In addition, we will continue to discontinue the provision of alcoholic beverages as follows.


■ Meiho Kogen Development Co., Ltd.

Our unique infection prevention measures


■ Cancellation of alcoholic beverages at cafe restaurant "Mogumoguya" and barbecue park

Target period: From August 27, 2021September 30

* During the above period, we will stop selling, offering, and bringing it to the barbecue park.

We will continue to provide soft drinks and non-alcoholic beer.

* There are no restrictions on bringing in alcoholic beverages for camping and glamping.


■ Cancellation fee exemption during the cancellation fee application period (the application period has expired)


Eligible reservations: Reservations made before August 24, 2021

* New reservations made after August 25, 2021 are not eligible.

Target period: For use from August 25th to August 31st, 2021

* From September 1st, as beforeMy pagePlease process from.

Target products: camping, glamping, barbecue park, family summer experience

* ASOBOT (canoe, zipline, buggy, across pider) has been used for a long time.

No cancellation fee will be charged, but be sure to arrive by the reserved timeMy pagePlease cancel at.

Please note that a 100% cancellation fee will be charged if you do not contact us.

* For the barbecue park / family summer experience, prepare ingredients even during the relevant period.

For convenience, please be sure to contact us by the day before. In case of cancellation on the day

A 100% cancellation fee will be charged. Please understand to reduce food loss.



We ask for your continued cooperation in ensuring that you wear masks, disinfect your hands, and secure social distance in the venue. If you do not agree with the purpose, we may refuse your visit as it may cause inconvenience to other customers.

All the staff will continue to work on it so that you can fully enjoy the real pleasure of nature. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.


In addition, we will pay close attention to the infection situation in the prefecture and the neighborhood, and we may change the future response based on the request from the government, so we will announce it promptly in that case.


September 10, 2021

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