mogumogu house menu

Onisukeonisuke (inside Meiho Road Station)

Freshly made. Hokuhoku. Glitter.

"Mizumi of the Izumo"
It is a treasure grown by hand salting in clear air, pure water, and abundant greenery.
The reason why I receive an order and hold it is because I want you to enjoy the glittering taste that was nurtured by giving thanks to the blessings of nature.

Business hours Weekdays 10am to 4pm Holidays 9am to 5pm
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After receiving your order, we will carefully grasp and serve each one.
It is a delicious rice ball with a plump sweetness using the rice of Meiho "Megumi of Izumo".
The tools are all domestic ones.
Once I eat it, I want to eat it again.
Please enjoy such simple and gentle taste.

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