Family summer experience

I'm worried that I'm alone, but I'm nervous with my family.
Catch fish, make pizza, go canoeing,
Exciting, natural experience of pounding.
The taste of the fish caught by myself.
The salamander I saw for the first time.
Important memories of the whole family.

Reservation start from July 1
Family summer experience

● Family pack

Start from July 23

A popular family experience every year
Have fun memories this year at Meiho Plateau

Adult 4,000 yen Child 3,500 yen

※Sub-supply: 4 or above primary school students

Implementation period From July 23 (Thursday) to August 31 (Sunday) 2020

Flow of experience

※ Please meet at the Nature Experience Center by 9:45.

10:00 Canoe (change to craft when it rains)

11:00 Amago Grabber / Grilled Experience
Grab a tip and capture amago!

11:45 Pizza-grilled with Ishigaki
Challenge to make pizza from flour!

13: 00 ~ Freshly cooked pizza and fish food (free break up)

※ Lunch BBQ is not attached.
Please use the restaurant mogumogu.
※ Please prepare rain gear as it may be rainy.

Family summer experienceReservation from here

MogumoguyaMenu from here

● BBQ & Canoe Experience

Apply for a BBQ plan at BBQPARK
Only the customer can experience the canoe 500 yen OFF.

※ Please make a reservation by phone.
※ Canoeing experience is after the end of BBQ.
※ Canoe experience is accepted from 14 o'clock as needed.

BBQ plan isこちらから

Family summer experienceReservation from here

● Flow of reservation

  • Experience menu is full reservation system.
  • Please make a reservation after checking the availability on the day of implementation on the WEB or by telephone etc. before making a reservation.
  • Reservation from the WEB will be completed when you receive an email with a reservation number. If you can not receive the email, please be sure to call us.

● Outdoor activity notes

  • The guide will guide you in the activity, but because it is a natural sport, unexpected events may occur.
    Please participate with your own responsibility and awareness.
  • Please listen and practice the instructions and instructions in the guide.
    In the unlikely event that you do not follow the instructions of the Guide and the Guide determines that safety can not be secured, the tour may be discontinued.
    In that case, the tour price will not be refunded.
  • We take out accident insurance for participants in all outdoor activities.
    Death, sequelae disorder 2 million yen / hospitalization insurance sum 3,000 yen / visiting hospital insurance sum 1,000 yen
  • Please note that we can not take responsibility for loss or damage of goods during the experience.
  • Depending on the weather, the start time and end time may change significantly.

● About cancellation fee

The following cancellation fee will be charged upon cancellation.
Please note.

1) The day before
40% of usage fee

2) On the day (except 3)
50% of usage fee

3) Cancel after reception on the day or Cancel without contact
100% of usage fee

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Meiho plateau development corporation
Meiho Takahara Nature Experience Center