Ski resort close to Kansai (Osaka, Kyoto, Shiga)! Meiho ski resort is recommended for beginners and families!

You can enjoy it even in the warm winter!
8850mOpened trail!

good! Equipped with artificial snow machine! Stable snowfall

Equipped with artificial snow machine! Stable snowfall

From 2019 to 2020, there are few Opened trail courses due to the warm winter,The reality is that there are so many ski areas that cannot be openedis.

But Meiho is equipped with artificial snow machines,There is no such thing as "No snow at all!"

At Meiho ski resort,Of the beginner courses, 82.17% of 6,450m is Opened trail!

In addition, 64% of the 8,700m of the 13,700m course is Opened trail.

So both beginners and intermediates can enjoy skiing with confidence!

※ Mar 03, 2020

good! Meiho Ski Resort operates all chairlifts even in warm winter!

All chairlifts open!

There are five chairlifts at Meiho ski area.

All five of the first to fourth high-speed four-seater quad chairlifts and paired chairlifts are in operation.

※ Mar 03, 2020

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Good access from Kansai!
Good location in about 3 hours!

Close to Kansai. Access to Kyoto and Osaka

2 hours 54 minutes from Kyoto IC
3 hours 17 minutes from Osaka Suita JCT

Meiho Ski Resort is about 3 hours by car from Osaka and Kyoto!

Gifu is often considered far from Kansai,
Actually, the time is almost the same as going to ski resorts in Shiga and Hyogo prefectures!

good! Gujo Hachiman Interchange means no traffic jam!

No traffic jam stress!

The ski resorts in the Gujo area of Gifu Prefecture are densely located near the Takasu IC,

Meiho ski area can be accessed from Gujo IC.

Meiho ski resorts will not be caught in traffic jams to other ski resorts, so you can arrive at ski resorts smoothly!

In addition, a total of 13 parking lots accommodate 3,500 cars spaciously!

good! Free shuttle bus from Gujo-Hachiman and Takayama stations!

Free shuttle bus available!

Do you think it's hard to go skiing by train?
For Meiho Ski Resort, a shuttle bus runs free of charge from Gujo-Hachiman Station and Takayama Station.

Even those who do not have a car can easily enjoy skiing by train.

* Advance reservation is required.

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good! From Kyoto Station and Shin-Osaka Station, you can easily go by tour bus!

You can easily go by tour bus!

Tour buses are running from Kyoto Station and Shin-Osaka Station.

You can easily go to the ski resort.

* Advance reservation is required.

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good! good! Perfect for girls traveling!

Review of empty-handed women's journey ski was published in "NAGOLIC"!

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Even beginners are safe!
Enhancement of courses for beginners!

Meiho ski resort course map

Meiho ski courses are roughly divided into three types: α (alpha), β (beta), and γ (gamma).

Α is a course for beginners, β is an intermediate course, and γ is an advanced course.

Beginners start with the α course! Please try the β course and γ course if you get used to it!

good! a5000

West Japan's longest class! α5000 course

Trail distance 5,000m
Peak incline 15 degrees
Average slope 8 degrees

It is the longest class in western Japan, 5,000 meters long, with a variety that attracts beginners to experts.

One of the attractions is the six terrain parks scattered around the course.

good! a1400

Forest forest α1400 course where you can relax

Trail distance 1,400m
Peak incline 17 degrees
Average slope 13 degrees

1400m forest course. The quiet course is ideal for couples and families who want to relax.

good! α1100

Large and safe α1100 course

Trail distance 1,100m
Peak incline 14 degrees
Average slope 11 degrees

Meiho's largest slope with a maximum width of 200m and a total length of 1,100m.

There is a moderate slope, so you can enjoy it with confidence from beginners to experts.

OK even empty-handed!
Goods rental!

good! Enriched rental products of famous brands!

Enriched rental items!

At Meiho ski resort, rental goods such as boards, boots, stocks, and ski wear are enriched!

You can enjoy skiing casually with your hands.

good! There are also high grade rentals, so even intermediate and advanced players can enjoy it!

High grade rental available

Do you think it's hard to go skiing by train? High-grade equipment rentals are also available, satisfying even advanced users and intermediates aiming to level up.

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good! Rental fee

Rental fee

Adult full set 8,000 yen ~
Full set for children 6,000 yen ~

※ When you rent the equipment, please present your ID, etc.
* Gloves and knit hats are available for rental and at shops.

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In a kind and polite ski class
Skill up from a beginner!

good! Ski class

Easily improve at SAJ official school!

For improving skiing, it is the shortcut for taking the lessons after all.

SAJ (japan Ski Association) The official ski school provides more effective tips.

From beginners to advanced people, with courteous guidance, anyone can improve without difficulty.

Aim for further up! SIA Certified Lesson

Small class lessons by professional ski teachers.

SIA (Japan Professional Ski Teacher's Church) 37th Demonstrator Tatsuto Kurihara's SP Lesson!

* Reservation required.

For details, go to the official website ≫
good! Former Olympic athlete snowboarding class

Former Olympic athlete snowboarding class

A snowboarding school supervised by former Olympic athlete, Michiyo Hashimoto, a leader in the development of kids snowboarders.

It is a school where beginners and advanced students, children and adults can enjoy and improve with confidence.

At a terrain park or DC park
Different ways to enjoy!

good! Terrain Park

Terrain parks dotted at α5000

Terrain parks of various terrain dotted on the main course α 5000 course.

Even beginners and intermediate people can enjoy it, so try it out if you get used to it!

good! DC Park in collaboration with Snowboard Brand DC

Try a trick at DC Park!

DC Park is a collaboration with famous brand "DC" for accessories such as snowboarding and boards.

Let's try a trick in a jib park produced by professional rider Makiya Mizohata!

With the child
Different ways to enjoy!

Let's enjoy the whole family at the sheep's Sean Snowland!

One of largest kids park in West Japan ,
"Snowland of Shaun the Sheep"

There are full of fun items in the spacious slope
Let's play with the whole family!

 Shaun the Sheep Snow Land
good! Tube course

No need to slip!

Because there is a tube course, children can enjoy it safely.

There are also rentals of sleds and snow striders, so you don't have to slip!

good! Kids Land

Kids land that can be played indoors

If you are tired of playing on the cold slopes, you can enjoy it indoors.

business hours 8:30~16:00
usage fee JPY 0
good! children's play room

There is also a nursery, so it's safe!

If available, you can use it on the day.

business hours 9:00~12:00
usage fee Half day 3,000 yen
5,000 yen per day

Master the basics with RIGLET PARK

BURTON KIDS 'RIGLET PARK, which collaborated with the famous snowboard brand "BURTON", is a children's-sized entry park with rich terrain for 3 to 6 years old.

You can learn various terrain strategies while having fun.

With a delicious meal
Make everyone smile!

Delicious! Menu image

Meals at the ski resort are not delicious! ?
Only ordinary menu such as curry! ?

Not at all.

Meiho Ski Resort also offers gourmet food!

good! Menu image

There are also authentic pizzas and pastas

There are many Western food menus that kids love, such as pizza, pasta and hamburgers!

There is also a kids plate, so please enjoy it with your family.

good! Subway image

The usual subway sandwich

The taste of the bread baked in the store is exceptional!

The usual subway sandwiches that you are used to eating can be eaten at ski slopes.

You can customize it by adding a topping or making it a foot long size for +300 yen.

good! Sweets picture

Mind and body are relaxing with snowy mountain sweets

Delicious sweets in snowy mountains!

If you eat sweet crepes,
Alright, let's slip!

Relax in a footbath or hot spring!

good! Foot bath

Let's heal tiredness at the footbath in the ski area

After enjoying the slopes, relax in the footbath!

Footbath is effective for "coldness", "stiff shoulders", "muscle pain" and "recovery from fatigue" and improves blood circulation.

You can use it free of charge, so let's heal your tired body with a footbath.

good! Meiho Onsen Yuseikan

3 minute open-air bath by shuttle bus!

Meiho Onsen Yuseikan is a 3-minute drive from Meiho Ski Resort.

Because it is an open-air bath where you can relax while watching the beautiful snow scene, it is perfect for healing your body and tired body with skiing and snowboarding!

There is also a shuttle bus so you can easily go.

From ski area 12:00(Closed on Wednesday)
From Meiho Onsen 13:15
business hours 10:00〜21:00
(Until 20:30)

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* Please contact each ski area for details

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