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Update 1/18 06:46

Trails status
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Enjoy Meiho Winter Dream! !! Total trail distance 12,700m from the summit!

Road conditions

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The road near the ski resort is frozen and very slippery. Please install studless tires and tire chains as soon as possible. Please come by safe driving with all possible measures. When using a rental car, please be sure to carry tire chains from the rental store. In addition, it will be very crowded during the overlapping time of your return, so please cooperate in joining us.

  • the bottom of the mountain camera
  • Slope Map
  • the bottom of the mountain camera
  • Slope Map

Let's enjoy the finest powder burn ♪

Open on Tuesday, January 18

Puffy, fluffy, fluffy, smooth. .. .. (≧ ▽ ≦)
This year is a hit!

You can continue to enjoy the soft and tight pressure snow and natural burn today ♪

Park items are opening one after another, and mogul slope lanes are growing day by day ☆
Oku Mino's largest 5,000m! Fully Opened trail! What a total trail distance 12,700m! Come for a long cruising!

☆ Shaun the Sheep Snowland is now open!
* Energetic, small children gather!

☆ Step-up zone is now open!
* Free snow escalator to help you improve easily!

~~ 2022.1.18 Business Information ~~
● 5 chairlifts in operation Last chairlift operation time (1st and 3rd quad chairlift) until 16:30
● Business restaurant Maruten DINING 5,000 ・ Center restaurant (* Reserved for 1 day for group use) ・ Marumen DINING 1000 ・ BASE CAFE ・ Yukiyama crepe (from 13:00) ・ Deck terrace (86 people at Aniya, Zenzai place ・Spice curry)
Pabst week will be held until January 23! Buy Pabst beer sold in the ski area and get a 355ml can of Pabst by tagging and posting on Instagram!
Please use it ~ ☆

  • Total length 5,000m from the mountaintop! Fully Opened trail! Total trail distance 12,700m! ☆ All chairlifts operate 5 units ~
  • Two restaurants, "Maruten 5,000", a Toriten set meal, and "Marumen 1,000", a TKG (rice with egg) and exquisite ramen, are now available!