May 18 2021 [Important] Request from Meiho Resort for prevention of new coronavirus infection

Meiho Resort is open with safety in mind. 

Announcements by the government and local governments regarding future new coronavirus infections, and infections in each areaDue to changes in the situation, we plan to review the business contents in a timely manner. ChangeWhen we do, we will inform you on this HP.


[Meiho Resort will carry out the following items for the time being]

Service to prevent infection by new coronavirusIn addition to wearing masks by staff, thorough disinfection, sterilization, and ventilation,A hand sanitizer is installed in the site. Please use it regularlyI will. 

All customers who use activities will be subject to temperature measurement, and customers above 37.5°C will be refused.


[Camp check-in]

① Customers visiting the reception desk in the administration building are afraidOnly one representative of the user wears a maskPlease come to the administration building. In order1 setWe will guide you one by one. ReceptionIf is crowded, you may have to wait outside.


② We have put together a file with the explanations of the venue at the time of reception. 

Customers can check the on-site explanations themselves and simplify the oral explanations inside the administration building.Thank you for your cooperation.


③ Please refrain from talking indoors and talking at close distances as there is a risk of infection.Please do not gather inside.


④ We ask all visitors to prepare foods, etc. as much as possible at the place of residence and use a small number of masks when shopping or going out in Gujo city.Please wear it.



[Please check the following infection prevention check items before use]


Please be sure to check the following items before you visit us to prevent new coronavirus infection.Please


● Body temperature is over 37.5 degrees.


● I have a cold symptom


● I have a good cough


● The above applies to family members, cohabitants, and people who have close contacts.


If any of the above applies to any of our users, we are afraid that we will refuse to visit. SoIn case of no cancellation fee will be charged. The above was stated at the time of camp reception.Please note that you will need to sign the Christo.


We will strive to ensure the health and safety of our valued customers and staff.


Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


* We apologize for the inconvenience, and thank you for your understanding.I will.


Contact us on weekdays 9Time~17Hour℡0575-87-0030OrmailPlease.