A large parking lot of the largest Meiho ski resort in western Japan
Used in the green season for cars and motorcycles
Driving experience sessions, driving training sessions, various driving events, etc.
We are accepting!

Gymkhana Driving Practice

Gymkhana carFor more information is here

Gymkhana car
● Gymkhana practice area

Meiho ski area 3rd parking lot

Driving course 150m x 89m


*Customers using the facility can also book BBQ and meals.
We will provide a menu according to your budget. In addition, we are accepting events other than Jimkhana.
Please feel free to contact us for details.
Meiho Plateau BBQPARK 0575-87-0030spoon

Mizore3447-1, Meiho Okuzumi, Gujo Shi, Gifu, 501-4304, Japan
Meiho plateau development corporation
Meiho Takahara Nature Experience Center