table JPY1,000 One table
chair JPY500 1 chair
Srough JPY1,000 1 shraf
lanthanum 800 yen 1 lantern
Incinerator JPY2000 焚火台1個
BBQ stove JPY2000 4 to 5 people size (with net and iron plate)
Cooking utensils JPY500 Ball, colander, peeler, tongs, kitchen knife, cutting board
Complete set of dishes JPY500 Paper plate plate & paper plate ball, disposable chopsticks, paper cup (5 pieces each)
BBQ props JPY3,000 ⑥+⑦+⑧+炭3kg
Rental security JPY500 Join at will

* All prices include tax.
* Prices are subject to change without notice.

Reservation from here

※ Use of rental article becomes only person of camping application.

* Since the number of products that cannot be reserved online is limited, you must apply by phone.


It is convenient to purchase camping equipment such as firewood and charcoal, which tend to be heavy, locally!
The following products are always available.
OPEN 9:00~17:00

firewood 680円 4kg (conifer)
Charcoal JPY600 3kg
Ignition agent JPY500
Swedish torch JPY1,000
Gunte 200 yen 2 teams
Disposable tableware From 300 yen Paper plates, paper cups, disposable chopsticks, etc.
Chakkaman 200 yen Chakkaman
BBQ Ami 300 yen BBQ Ami
can of beer 350 yen
Chuhai 250 yen
Non-alcoholic 250 yen
water 250 yen 2L
ice 300 yen
seasoning From 200 yen Sauce of salt, sauce and grilled meat
Cup Noodles 250 yen
marshmallow JPY500 Collusion
Alumina be 200 yen Disposable type
Saran wrap 200 yen
Aluminum foil 200 yen
Paper towel 300 yen
Gas cylinder 200 yen One
Detergent set 250 yen Detergent / sponge
Battery From 400 yen AA / AA / AA / AAA

* All prices include tax.
* The listed products will be replaced as soon as they are sold out.
* Prices are subject to change without notice.