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Meiho Plateau Campfield GREEN SEASON 2021






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Gifu Prefecture Campsite & BBQPARK "Meiho Plateau"

Today's Report

Trails status

Business hours / 9:00 to 17:00

We are accepting popular autumn camps! We are waiting for you at the playground of nature, which is hard to get dense!



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"GRACE" elegantly and beautifully.

Soft sunlight spilling through the gaps in the trees.
A starry sky full of sky.
The clear air of the forest.
A fun group surrounding a bonfire.
A special extraordinary experience with the beautiful nature of the Meiho Plateau.
A luxurious time that only exists here with your important people.

Stella site

Stella Site (Log House)

1 site (maximum capacity 6 people)
* For adults only, we recommend 4 people.

Inside the log house is the smell of pure and gentle wood
The starry sky that spreads out from the deck terrace on the second floor
Can be seen.
Please enjoy an elegant time in nature.

Tent site

Grass site (tent site)

1 site (maximum capacity 6 people)
* For adults only, we recommend 4 people.

The tent is spacious and can accommodate up to 4 people.
Sofa bed, BBQ stove, bonfire, etc.
We have all the necessary equipment, so if you have ingredients
You can enjoy staying in a tent easily.
Feel nature closer and enjoy an extraordinary world.

● GRACE site

Check-in 14:00-17:00
Check out the next day 10:00
Tent site 1 site (4 people)
Stella site 1 site (4 to 5 people)

○ Price list

Off charge

* Holiday fee: Friday, Saturday, Sunday

On charge

* Holiday fee: Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Top price


Stella cottageWeekdays ¥ 24,000/
Holiday ¥ 28,000
Weekdays ¥ 28,000/
Holiday ¥ 42,000
GlastentWeekdays ¥ 18,000/
Holiday ¥ 20,000
Weekdays ¥ 20,000/
Holiday ¥ 30,000

● device content

  • Outdoor chairs, rectangular tables, etc.

    ・ Outdoor chair for 1 person x 3 for 2 people x 1 ・ Rectangular table
    ・ Bonfire ・ Fire table ・ Tripot
    ・ Suedish torch

  • Dutch oven, cassette stove & gas cylinder, etc.

    ・ Dutch oven ・ Cassette stove & gas cylinder
    ・ Skillet large / small / wooden tableware round plate & small plate x 4 ・ jug
    ・ Enamel pot ・ Cutting board ・ Aluminum pot x 1 ・ Aluminum cup x 4
    ・ Paper plates, paper cups, disposable chopsticks x number of people ・ Tongs, kitchen knives, wooden knives
    ・ Ladle ・ Drip coffee ・ Nabeshiki

  • ・ Charcoal 3, firewood, ignition agent, cooler box & ice pack, etc.

    ・ Charcoal 3kg ・ Firewood ・ Ignition agent ・ Cooler box & ice pack
    ・ Work gloves, fan, dish detergent & sponge

  • ·Fan


  • ·refrigerator


  • ・ Sofa bed

    ・ Sofa bed x 3

  • ・ Comforters / pillows

    ・ Comforters / pillows x number of people

  • ・ Cot (cot)

    ・ Cot (cot) x 1


・ No smoking inside the grass site and camp site.
・ Pets are not allowed in the cottage tent.
・ Please refrain from using items with large electric capacity. (Up to 1,500W)
・ No fire is allowed in the cottage / tent.

Reservation from here* We will link to the reservation site

●About infection prevention measures of new coronavirus

Conduct disinfection cleaningConsidering the health and safety of our customers and public health, we carry out disinfection cleaning in addition to normal cleaning.

● Notes on using Grasse Site

  • There is no barge in the tent.
  • Please do not lean on the pole in the tent or hang it.
  • Smoking is totally non-smoking inside the tent except where specified.
  • Do not climb grass fence fences, push them, pull them, etc., as they are dangerous.
  • If you are traveling with pets, do not enter the tent.
  • If the equipment, tents, grills, tables, etc. of the facility is damaged, or if special measures or measures occur, or if it significantly affects our business operations, etc. We may charge you for the purchase price, the repair fee, and the cleaning fee.
  • If we perform an act that causes fatal damage to our facility, we will make a claim for appropriate damages.
  • We do not accept any responsibility for fires or accidents caused by your negligence.
  • At the time of checkout, please come to the administration building after completing cleaning of garbage, equipment.

The above contents are subject to change without notice.

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Meiho plateau development corporation
Meiho Takahara Nature Experience Center