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In "Rentals application preprint form", it is easy to pre-create a rental application form.
 Print out the created rental application form and check it out at the cashier counter in Meiho Ski Resort.(Payment in advance)Submit to!
 Easy rental on site to liquidate on the spot! You can save time to write and fill out the rental application form on site.


<About rentals>
  • ❶ We are aware that the function of the binding of the ski has safety limitation and does not guarantee the safety of the user perfectly.
  • ❷ There is no safety function (releasing / holding) in the snowboard binding.
  • ❸ Even if an accident happens while using ski, snowboard, sleigh, etc., we will not claim any damage.
  • ❹ We will return the rental tool by 4:30 pm with responsibility. Moreover, we will not rent to third parties.
<About the handling of personal information>
  • Based on the Personal Information Protection Law, personal information entered in this application form will not be used for purposes other than purpose
<For use>
  • ❶ "Rental application form easy creation form" service is a service that only creates the application form.We do not accept rental reservations.
  • ❷ Since I will verify my identity card, please do not forget to bring my identity card to the rental reception counter.
  • ❸ two rental application forms will be created, please submit two sheets.