About 1 hour and 15 minutes from Ichinomiya JCT! About 2 hours from Maibara JCT!
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From Nagoya and Kansai
Easy access!

75 min from Ichinomiya and 2H from Maibara!
easy to access
Parking area: For about 3,500 cars

Parking Fee


Free of charge : season ticket holders!

Free shuttle bus


A free shuttle bus to and from Gujo operates exclusively for the Meiho ski area.

Click here for details and reservation
access map

Meiho Bus Tour

● Tokai Ski Tour ♪

A day trip bus tour departs on Tokai area.
You don't have to line up the ticket counter because the tour comes with IC chairlift ticket!
Rental discount tickets are also included in the set.

  • To / from Nagoya
  • To / from Ichinomiya and Gifu
  • To / from Higashiokazaki / Toyota

Reservations / Inquiries
Up-on TEL: 050-3533-8797

● Kansai Ski Tour ♪

A day trip bus tour(Departure at night time)

The first truck in the morning is definitely worth skiing!
Rental discount tickets are also included.

  • To / from Kyoto
  • To / from Osaka

Reservations / Inquiries
Rad Sightseeing Osaka TEL: 06-6345-5671


● Other ski tours ♪

From Tokushima

Reservations / Inquiries
West Japan Travel TEL: 088-622-6022
Awa Traffic TEL: 088-602-4888

From Wakayama

Reservations / Inquiries
YSS Travel Center TEL: 0738-32-2388

Accommodation plan to go by car

● My car accommodation plan ♪

Comes with accommodation.
You can enjoy skiing while sightseeing.

Reservations / Inquiries
Up-on TEL: 050-3533-8797

About accommodation in Meiho
Meiho Tourism Association TEL: 0575-87-2844

About accommodation in Gujo Hachiman
Gujo Hachiman Tourist Association TEL: 0575-67-0002

Free shuttle bus

Meiho ski resort
Free shuttle bus

Required a book in advance.

高山発着予約制 ルートマップ 高山発着予約制 時刻表
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Gujo Hachiman departure and arrival reservation system route map Gujo Hachiman departure and arrival reservation system timetable
Click here for Google Map

Precautions when using the shuttle bus

  • ● Reservations are required. Please book early as reservations are limited
  • ● Reservations must be made by 3 pm the day before boarding. Same-day reservations will not be accepted.
  • ● If there are 0 reservations for specific shuttle bus departures, the departure of the shuttle bus will be canceled
  • ● Use of the shuttle bus services are limited to guests of The Meiho Ski Resort.
  • ● Passengers boarding shuttle buses to Meiho Ski Resort, cannot unload elsewhere, other than at Meiho Ski Resort
  • ● The shuttle bus to Gujo Hachiman can only be boarded at ski resorts.
  • ● Please note, shuttle bus services can be affected by weather, road conditions and traffic
  • ● When shuttle bus services are canceled due to weather, road conditions, traffic or other unforeseen causes, alternative transportation WILL NOT be provided and will become the passenger's responsibility.
  • ●キャンセルされる場合は必ず 0575-87-2830 までご連絡ください。
  • ● Because it is a free shuttle bus, there is a possibility that the seat at the time of boarding will be an auxiliary seat.

Recommended neighborhood spots

Meiho Onsen Yuseikan

Meiho Onsen Yuseikan soup

3 minutes by car from the ski resort!
Shuttle bus runs from Meiho ski area.
You can see a beautiful snow scene from the open-air bath.

Shuttle bus hours

From ski area
12:00 (closed on Wednesday)13:0013:3014:0014:30
From Meiho Onsen
business hours
From 10:00 to 21:00 (until reception 20:30)
closing day
On every third Wednesday
phone number
Official site
Maki-no-Sato Park / Michinoeki Myouho

Maki-no-Sato Park / Michinoeki Myouho soup

Road station located about 20 minutes to Meiho ski area.
A popular spot for skiing and snowboarding!

business hours
9:00 to 18:00 (Business hours vary depending on the tenant.)
Official site
"Onisuke" in Meiho no Sato Park

"Onisuke" in Meiho no Sato Park

A rice ball shop using local rice "Megumi Hijimo". The rice cooked with carefully selected rice and water is exceptionally delicious. Please drop in when you come to Meihodo Station.

business hours
Weekdays 10: 00-16: 30
Holidays 9: 00-16: 30