Avoid congestion by purchasing on the web & from the next time onwards, pre-charge on the web and go directly to the slopes!

Web ticket information

newGo to the slopes without contact without lining up at the ticket window!
With the introduction of the IC card automatic exchange machine "skiosk", you can receive tickets when you come to the venue.
It's even easier!

Meiho ski lift tickets can be pre-purchased at any time from your smartphone or PC!

Click here to purchase tickets
We will link to the Meiho ski resort web ticket sales site
* Nippon Ski Resort Dev Co., Ltd. "Geekout snow" Travel Division

* Please check the linked site for the types and details of tickets on sale. * Payment method is credit card only.
(Available credit cards: VISA / MASTER / JCB and their affiliated cards)
* After purchasing on the Web, a proof of purchase with a QR code will be delivered to the specified address (PC or smartphone). * Please be sure to bring the proof of purchase with the QR code delivered (printout for PC, QR image for smartphone) on the day of use. * No changes, cancellations, or refunds will be accepted after the ticket is purchased. * Membership registration (free of charge) is required to purchase tickets.

Procedure at the time of purchase

STEP 1Visit the purchase page
Please access the ticket purchase page on your PC or smartphone.
STEP 2Selection of ticket type and number of tickets
Please select the desired ticket and the number of tickets to purchase.
STEP 3Enter purchaser information
Please enter your purchaser information. If you have already registered as a customer
You can purchase after logging in.
STEP 4Credit card payment
Please agree to the terms of use and make a credit card payment.
The payment method is credit card payment only.
(Available credit cards are VISA / MASTER / JCB and their affiliated cards)
STEP 5Save the QR code when the purchase is completed
When you come to Meiho ski resort, you need to show the QR code of the email you received when the purchase was completed.
Please present it on your smartphone screen or printed matter. Or make a note of your purchase number.
Click here to purchase and charge
We will link to the Meiho ski resort web ticket sales site
* Nippon Ski Resort Dev Co., Ltd. "Geekout snow" Travel Division

Procedure at the time of visit

Please hold the QR code to issue a ticket at the Meiho Ski Resort Center House "skiosk (automatic exchange machine)".

* Proof of purchase by email that you will receive when you complete your purchase
Please bring (printed paper for PC, QR image for smartphone).
* If you lose or forget your QR code, you may not be able to issue a chairlift ticket.
Please be careful.
* You can take this IC ticket home and charge the chairlift ticket from the next time onwards.
From the next time onward, you can proceed directly to the gate without stopping at the "skiosk (automatic exchange machine)".
* The IC card deposit you have received can be refunded at the ticket window when you return this ticket.
Please note that refunds will not be given if the chairlift ticket is damaged or lost.