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State of emergency regarding the new coronavirus

Important notice

We would like to inform you about our response to the state of emergency issued in some areas of Japan due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection.

We have examined the state of emergency and the current environment in-house, but considering that it is an outdoor leisure activity in the wilderness, we will continue to operate by thoroughly implementing the following measures.


■ Nippon Ski Resort Dev Co., Ltd. Group Ski resort management measures to prevent new coronavirus infection

■ Meiho Kogen Development Co., Ltd. Our original infection prevention measures


We ask for your continued cooperation in ensuring that you are thoroughly wearing masks, disinfecting your hands, and ensuring social distance in the museum. If you do not agree with the purpose, we regret to inform you that it may cause inconvenience to other customers, so we may refuse to use this ski resort.


We would like to ask for your understanding and cooperation as all the staff will continue to work on it so that you can enjoy the wonderful winter season for a long time.

In addition, we will pay close attention to the infection situation in the prefecture and the neighborhood, and we may change the future response based on the request from the government, so we will announce it promptly in that case.

Publication date 2021/01/08