Privacy policy

Meiho Plateau Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”) believes that protecting personal information is the basis of our business activities and is our social responsibility and responsibility. We will establish the following personal information protection policy and strive for reliable performance.

Collection, use and provision of personal information
Principles of collection
Collecting personal information will be done after clarifying the purpose and obtaining the consent of the individual in advance.
Principles of use and offer
When using / providing personal information, we will use / provide it only within the scope of the purpose clarified in advance.
Respect for rights
We respect the individual's right to personal information, and if there is a request from the person to disclose your personal information, we will respond within a reasonable time. In addition, if there is an error or change in your personal information, we will respond promptly within a reasonable period, as long as we can confirm that you are the person.
About proper management of personal information
We will implement appropriate security measures on the collected personal information and take reasonable measures to prevent unauthorized access, falsification, destruction, leakage, loss, etc.
Regarding compliance with laws and other norms
We will comply with the laws and regulations that operate on personal information, other norms and industry guidelines, and will comply with the matters specified in our compliance program.
Continuous improvement of personal information
We will establish a personal information protection manager, perform appropriate protection and management, and implement and maintain a compliance program. In addition, we will conduct regular audits and strive to make improvements such as reviews.