Meiho ski area

2019-2020 Early Discount

Season ticket

Murasaki Sports Meiho Ski Resort 5th Anniversary Collaboration Season Ticket

Special benefits

Companion benefits are not eligible for child season tickets

  • 01

    Up to 4 companions ...

    Adult chairlift1 day ticket
    Weekdays:2,800 yen(Usually 4,300 yen)
    Special day:3,300 yen(Usually 4,800 yen)
    Child chairlift one day ticket
    All day:JPY1,500(Usually 2,000 yen)
  • 02

    Up to 4 companions ...

    Rental ski set
    ・ Rent board set
    ・ Rental wear set
    Either500 yen OFF
  • 03

    Up to 4 companions ...

    Restaurant in ski area
    ・ Center restaurant
    ・ Α restaurant
    From usage fee30%OFF
  • 04

    Parking fee is free!

    For season ticket holders
    Parking fee 1,000 yenfree!
  • 05

    Snowbirds Club

    Snowbirds Club member ski area
    50% discount on chairlift tickets!
    ※ Discount object is different by member ski resort
    Snowbirds Club

Japan Ski Area Development Group Ski Area
Available at discounted prices.
(Excluding some ski resorts.)

With Murasaki Sports Meiho store exclusive gift certificate 5,000 yen !!

Adult 50,000 yen including tax


A lottery from among purchasers will receive a gift certificate worth 50,000 yen that can be used at Murasaki Sports Meiho store!

Limited to 100 copies until 11/30 (Sat)!

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If you can not buy online
Please contact us directly:0575-87-2811
(9 o'clock to 17 o'clock)

Sales start from December OPENNEW

Rental season ticket

Adult Regular price 45,000 yen (tax included) Adult season ticket holder discount price 35,000 yen (tax included)
Children Regular price 28,000 yen (tax included) Child season ticket holder discount price 18,000 yen (tax included)
Ski set (plate · boots · stock) or board set (plate · boots) + wear (upper and lower)
An additional 1,500 yen will be charged for high grade rental.
It will be used only once on the same day.
Item exchange is free of charge (except for wear) up to once.

Sales start from December OPEN
* Season ticket special benefits do not apply

● Season tickets are valid only for the individual. We can not transfer or lend to others. ● When the price is paid, we will purchase the season ticket. ● We do not do refund of season ticket in any case. ● If you copy a season ticket or change the description incorrectly, you will be punishable by law. ● In the case of misappropriate use of the season ticket, we will immediately forfeit the case where the ski resort manner is significantly violated. ● Please handle at your own risk if you are injured or injured in a third person in the ski area. ● Depending on the situation such as snow, the operating period may be shortened. ● Depending on the weather conditions, business hours may be shortened, course restrictions, and chairlift deceleration operation may differ from normal sales. ● Children's season tickets are 4 years old or older and less than elementary school children.
Prohibited matter
● Slipping and intrusion of a closed course under the chairlift line, off course. ● Act that interferes with chairlift operation. ● Do not follow the signs, notices and announcements in the hall. Slides and acts that would bother other customers. ● Ride and slide with no leash cord installed. Disposal of cigarette butts and other items outside the designated area. ● Visit in the field with mind and body abnormalities caused by alcohol and drug administration.



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