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Notice of mask check

About ski resort business during the state of emergency (until February 7)

Important notice

Due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, Gifu Prefecture has been designated as an area subject to the state of emergency, so we would like to inform you of our response as follows.

■ About ski resort business

Regarding our response to this state of emergency, we will continue our business after thoroughly implementing the following measures.

■ Admission restrictions

If the number of visitors is large, we will limit the admission to about 70% of the normal number (approximate: up to 2,050 cars on weekends, up to the 3rd to 4th parking lots * 1).

Please be sure to check our website, SNS, and electric bulletin boards at various places when you visit.

* 1 Please note that the number of cars that can be accommodated in each parking lot may change depending on the amount of snow and freezing in the parking lot.

■ Afternoon ticket sales and change of boarding start time

To alleviate congestion, we will change the afternoon ticket sales from 11:30 to 11:00 and the boarding from 12:00 to 11:30.

■ Nighttime disinfection cleaning work

During the closing hours, cleaning work and ozone sterilization work will be performed, so please take your boards, boots, luggage, etc. back to your car.

* If you forget to bring it with you, or if there is something wrong with your luggage due to the work, we will not take any responsibility.

* Please note that the staff will not be able to enter during ozone sterilization, so even if you contact us by phone, you will not be able to deliver your luggage until the next day.

■ Outdoor smoking area night deadline

As a preventive measure against the new corona infection, we will close the smoking area at night.

■ Nippon Ski Resort Development Co., Ltd. New coronavirus infection prevention measures for group ski resort operations

■ Meiho Kogen Development Co., Ltd. Our original infection prevention measures


We have been grateful for the cooperation of our visitors, but we would like to ask for your further cooperation in the following matters.

・ Wearing masks, etc. in our ski area

・ Hand disinfection and hand washing

・ Ensuring social distance


If you do not agree with these requests, we will refuse to use this ski resort as it may cause inconvenience to other customers.

All the staff will continue to work on it so that everyone can enjoy the winter season, and we ask for your understanding and cooperation.




Publication date 2021/01/16