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[Important] New Coronavirus Infection Countermeasures and Requests to Customers

With regard to infectious diseases caused by the "New Coronavirus," we will take the following measures in consideration of ensuring the health and safety of our customers and employees, and request the cooperation of our customers.

● Measures to prevent infection by customers

・ The service staff wears a mask.
・ We perform health management checks of service staff such as temperature measurement every day.

・ Regular ventilation is provided at indoor facilities in the ski area. Thank you for your understanding.
・ Alcohol for disinfection for customers is installed in each facility.

We would like to ask the following visitors for their infectious disease prevention measures.

● About your physical condition
If you do not feel well before you arrive, please use the following guidelines as a guide.
・ Person who has symptoms like cold
・ People with fever and those who have fever for several days
・ Severeness (malaise) or breathlessness (dyspnea)
Even if you are not anxious about physical condition, elderly people, those who have basic diseases (diabetes, heart failure, respiratory disease, etc.), pregnant people, those who are accompanied by preschool children, refer to the information of related organizations Thank you for your careful judgment.

● About cough etiquette
If you have a mask, wear it correctly and cover your mouth and nose. The following are recommended cough etiquette if you do not have a mask.
Cover the nose and mouth with tissue
・ In the case of suddenness, we cover with sleeve and the inside of jacket
※ Please referAbout Ministry of Health Cough Etiquette


● Hand disinfection
Hand sanitizers are installed in the building, restaurant entrances, restrooms and other places. Please cooperate with the implementation of hand disinfection when entering and entering the museum. In addition, frequent hand washing,Please gargle.

※ Please referMinistry of Health, Labor and Welfare

We will continue to monitor the situation at our ski resort and work to ensure that our customers can spend their time with peace of mind.


Meiho ski area

Date 2020/03/11