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Graduation lesson!

Grattori lesson will be held!

At Meiho ski school, we will have a graduating lesson ☆

Active Gratley Rider will be the instructor.

This is a small-sized ground trick lesson for up to three people in the morning and afternoon classes per instructor! (Reservation required)

scheduleFebruary 13 (Thu), 15 (Sat), 19 (Wed), 27 (Thu), 28 (Fri)

Morning class from 10:00 to 12:00 (reception hours from 9:00 to 9:30)

Afternoon 13: 00-15: 00 (reception hours 12: 10-12: 40)

Fee5,500 yen

* Additional charge required for insurance purchase * Chairlift ticket charge required separately

EligibilityThose who can make continuous turns

Lecture contentGround trick basics and applications

lecturer● Kako Kageyama (SAVANDER SNOWBOARDS) @ kyoko.wing

2017Flat Meets Open Ladies Runner-up, 2018 Gliding Rub CUP Women Winner

● Hikaru Sasaki @hickey_snowboard

2017 Master of GT jamming expert boy win, 2017Next Sky Ground Trick expert boy 3rd place

● Takuya Toyama @ toyama0120

PrecautionsIt will be a lesson with tricks. We will give you lessons with great care, but we will be aware of injuries and accidents during the lessons.

Please note that we cannot take any responsibility. Insure yourself, wear a protector, helmet, etc.

I will recommend it.

Contact / Reservation Meiho Ski School 0575-87-3045 (9: 00-15: 00)


Message from the instructorAlthough there is a lack of snow nationwide this year, it is a good point of the grand trick that you can play on the slopes!

If you want to do Grattori, but don't know what to practice from,

Please do not hesitate to contact us. No experience is also a big welcome!


Posted: 2020/01/31